In Chicagoland’s bustling real estate market, the allure of a brand-new construction home is undeniable. The prospect of pristine finishes, modern amenities, and the absence of wear and tear can be downright captivating. Not everyone wants the costs and responsibilities associated with buying a historic residence

However, savvy homebuyers understand that beneath the glossy surface, there are critical aspects to consider when investing in a new construction property. Knowing key areas to check can mean the difference between discovering issues early when they are easier to address, or discovering serious (and expensive) problems down the line. 

Let’s explore the key factors to consider when exploring new construction homes in the Chicago metro region and surrounding communities.

Do Your Due Diligence

In any real estate transaction, it pays to work with a broker or buyer’s agent with experience in new construction. While you may be able to buy directly from the builder, it’s crucial to have someone who’s entirely on your side.

Buyers and sellers have different goals, especially when it comes to negotiations. Having an expert on your team means you’ll benefit from their local knowledge and network. This is especially important if you’re relocating to Chicagoland from out of the state.  

You can start your journey by researching the builders in the area. A reputable builder with a solid track record is most likely a strong indicator of a well-constructed home. 

Look for firms known for quality craftsmanship, timely delivery, and transparent communication. Online reviews, testimonials, and their portfolio of completed projects can provide valuable insights into their reputation and experience.

The materials used in construction play a pivotal role in the home’s longevity and overall quality. Request information on the materials the builder intends to use, paying particular attention to features like insulation, roofing, flooring, and sustainability.

A visit to completed homes by the builder can offer a tangible feel for the craftsmanship and attention to detail. This step is essential in ensuring that your dream home is not just aesthetically pleasing but also built to withstand the test of time.

Prospective buyers should also investigate the terms and conditions of any warranty offered by the builder. These policies typically don’t cover appliances but do offer coverage for workmanship, HVAC, electrical systems, and structural elements. 

Partner With a Pro

While a newly built home may appear flawless, it’s vital to hire a qualified team to conduct a thorough home inspection. 

Your broker or agent should be able to recommend a reputable Chicagoland home inspection firm like Windy City that will scrutinize every aspect of the property. This includes checking for potential issues like electrical wiring, plumbing and sewage systems, and structural integrity. 

This process ensures that any underlying problems are identified and addressed before closing the deal. Here are some of the most common issues encountered by custom home buyers:

Part of the allure of buying a newly built house, condo, or multi-family unit is the opportunity to customize it completely and showcase your preferences and sense of style. But keep in mind that there are also drawbacks as well. 

Buyer Beware

Many Chicagoans dream about building a custom home or living in a spotless and modern building with all of the latest technology. It’s a fabulous chance to truly create a unique space for you and your family.

However, it’s not always smooth sailing, as demand is high and many construction companies are facing labor shortages, supply chain delays, and rising material costs. Anyone interested in going this route should be prepared to do their research and seek professional advice.

At Windy City Home Inspection, our team has years of experience helping homebuyers in some of Chicago’s most beautiful neighborhoods, from the area’s iconic bungalows to lakefront luxury living. If you’re ready to embark on a new construction adventure, reach out to us today!