During a standard home inspection, there are generally over 200 items observed throughout the home. It is too hard hard to try to mention them all, however here is a brief overview of what is inspected:

Exterior: Siding and trim, roof (where accessible or other conditions warrant not walking on it), gutters and downspouts, windows/skylights/doors, chimneys/flashing, steps and walks, decks/patios/porches, retaining walls, driveways/garages, grading and landscaping as they affect the house.
Interior: Foundations, water seepage into basements and/or crawl spaces (when safely accessible), framing, electrical systems, heating and cooling systems (temperature permitting), plumbing (water, waste, and heating), visible well equipment, laundry, kitchen/baths, interior surfaces (doors, walls, ceilings, etc.), fireplaces, attic framing including ventilation and insulation.

For a more in-depth summary, you can view our sample reports by clicking here.