The Chaser Sprinter Van
Luxury Vacation Rental

Introducing The Chaser Van — an unparalleled travel experience awaiting your next adventure! Born from our family’s quest for safer and more comfortable travel, this state-of-the-art Airstream Interstate GL Mercedes Sprinter Van embodies both luxury and accessibility.

Fully equipped and ready to roll, this home-away-from-home has everything you need to live off-grid for up to three days thanks to the powerful Airstream E1 package, which combines an enhanced solar energy system with a single-fuel-source heating and hot water system. No generator needed!

The Chaser is a true luxury touring coach and boasts a kitchen, a bathroom with shower, and sleeps 3 very comfortably. It also features TWO high-def televisions, wifi, and separate lounge areas in the front and back.

This Sprinter is incredibly easy to drive, seats 9 people, and can fit in a regular parking spot, making it the perfect choice for enjoying a big game day or a memorable special event with your friends and family.

It also comes with front and rear parking assist cameras, security system, and full-strength AC and heating as well as a top-tier sound system and upgraded stainless steel appliances.

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Our Story

During the pandemic, our family wanted a better and safer way to travel with our son, Chase, who has special needs due to cerebral palsy… and thus the Chaser Van was born.

Venturing into the world of family RVing during this time opened up a realm of possibilities as we embarked on journeys that unfolded from the picturesque landscapes of Upper Wisconsin to the captivating allure of the Florida Keys.

It was amidst these adventures that we realized the transformative power of safe, comfortable travel, and the joy it brought us as a family.

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